Thursday, February 13, 2014

thinking out loud {2/13}

it feels like it has been a long time since i posted last. probably because it has! but i have an excuse this time - i cannot get my google+ to upload my photos to blogger. it stopped working after january 31st. anyone ever had this issue? i back them up and usually they just appear in the "from my phone" section of the adding photos section but now they don't show up. what gives? anyway i caved and emailed myself some photos and now i'm finally joining in again with amanda for some thinking out loud. thanks for always bearing with my technological difficulties!

houston is allegedly supposed to warm up this weekend and thank god because the whole karmic balance for dealing with hellishly hot junes and julys (is that how you write the plural of july??? i feel like i should know this as a well-educated human...julies looks weird, and it doesn't feel like it should be july's either...) is that you're supposed to have great januarys and februarys. well, it's been really cold here so i'd like that to stop. this weekend is supposed to be in the 60s which is great because we have our first track meet and we'll be outside all day. much nicer in the 60s than the 30s and raining like it has been for practice all week. 

i am obsessed with the larabar alt bars. i know some people don't like the texture but i love it. reminds me of a crunch bar sort of (i think the pea protein in there gives it the crunchy texture?) and i love the extra protein on top of the usual great and short larabar ingredient list. lemon pound cake is my favorite but all of them are really good and i've been having them after track practice when i'm either on my way to the gym or heading home from a run with the girls. perfect pre- or post-workout snack!

wedding invitations have been mailed! there's no going back now. ready to start getting those rsvp cards so that we can start doing seating plans. i know tex is super pumped to do that. he's been so amazing with helping with wedding stuff - i picked myself a good one, ladies. 

i saw this on instagram the other day (sorry can't remember who it was from originally) and it really hit home to me. obviously when i moved to texas i moved away from most of my best friends. i don't regret it for a minute but i do miss my friends constantly. it's nice to remember that even if we're far apart, not everything has changed. 

speaking of how nothing has changed...when rebs, one of my bridesmaids, came to visit last weekend she brought me bags of her homemade caramel corn. she always used to gift it for holidays or other random times when a girl needed some caramel corn and i was so happy to get a special delivery of it here in h-town. i rationed that ish like a champ and just finished it on tuesday. it was a sad moment when i was licking the crumbs from the bowl. sad on many levels, now that i put that down in words. 

this week around the tex n' frecks palace we learned that tex loves a wonton cupcake. emily makes a bunch of fun wonton cup dishes and now i'm pumped to try making some of my own varieties as well. the good news is, wontons come in huge packs so i have a lot of them. i made the taco variety this week and next week i'm already planning on making the buffalo chicken ones before i start exploring some of my own flavors. i'm thinking one with an asian flair first - maybe a play on the pf changs lettuce wraps? yum.  

the highlight of my week last week was getting my shipments of popchips in the mail. i used to order the variety pack of popchips and i found myself wading through a few flavors i didn't like and saving my favorites for last so this time i just ordered the large boxes of my faves. i complain about not having room for anything in my apartment and then i order giant boxes of popchips. this makes sense. 

how stinking cute is this bowl? i got it from my mom's friend at my bridal shower in december and i have been inviting this pig to breakfast every morning. he's such pleasant company and somehow my oats taste more delicious when they're served in a pig bowl. it's basically science. 

really excited to have a weekend at home this weekend even if it's chock full of track related stuff! last weekend in phoenix was fun but it is exhausting to travel so far for such a short trip. hope you all are gearing up for relaxing and fun weekends and that your weather is sunnier and warmer than it has been recently!



  1. I can't believe invitations went out! Ahh So soon!! I can't wait to see what you look like ;) Checking the mail everyday was my favorite thing, haha, but call me weird but I loved the seating chart. I didn't think it was hard. I used paper plates and then had those tab things with people's name on it so I could move them all around and the plates were each table. It was very helpful !

  2. Yay you're back! Missed you in blogland! That bowl is awesome. Seriously, I'd eat ice cream out of it every night I think. So adorable, and so you! I get shipments of kashi bars every month, so I feel your pain on finding room for the pop chips. We make room for the good stuff! I'm glad to hear all is well even if blogger was giving you some trouble with uploading pictures. I've had to resort to emailing pictures to myself too. Not my favorite thing to do, but it gets the job done.

  3. I need a bowl like that in my life. Joe would be horrified since he's all about white and classy. Double win in my book ;) I love that quote about friendship, seems particularly pertinent after blogging and meeting so many awesome ladies like yourself! Stay warm down in Texas and good luck at your first track meet!

  4. I can't even handle the cuteness of that pig bowl. I use a pink bowl that's covered in hearts and has a bunny at the bottom, and I'm pretty sure it DOES make breakfast taste better. That being said… your piggy bowl is much cuter than my bunny bowl -- mine doesn't have ears or a tail.

  5. I love those alt bars tooooo! You're totally right- the lemon one is awesome!

  6. one of those gorgeous little invitations just showed up in my mailbox on valentines day-- you know how to make a holiday sweeter! ;)