Wednesday, January 15, 2014

wiaw: the life of an assistant coach

i have officially been the assistant track coach at my high school for less than a week and i am already in awe of anyone and everyone i know who is a coach, tex included. i have come home and said some variation of "i don't know how you do this" to him every single day since beginning. don't get me wrong - i'm really liking it so far - but it just makes my days a lot busier and a LOT harder physically. i was already coming home and having to really push myself to get my runs in because teaching on its own can be physically exhausting. now tacking on several hours of activity at the end of that and i get home at night and my body aches. i know i will adjust but i've already missed a few training runs and let me just say - i am really looking forward to next week because the marathon will be done and i will stop feeling like i have to get those runs in after practice. since my favorite posts are always day in the life posts, and that's what i did for months (can't imagine that now, though) i'm going to go back to basics for this week's wiaw. thanks for hosting, jenn!

5:00 - i recently swapped pumpkin out for banana oats and i'm glad i made the switch. i'm kind of over pumpkin at this point - i'll be ready for it again in the fall, but for now, bring on the bananas. i'm on like a two-a-day banana's hoping i do not turn into a primate. 

6:00 - leave for school. once i get to school (my commute is easy in the morning, about 15 minutes) i get my act together for the day, wrap up grading from the previous day and try to make sure i'm not way behind. 

7:00 - before school tutoring. 

8:00 - teach some math, eat some carrots or an apple. 

10:15 - i have a pretty long break in the morning. all of my planning periods are clustered together, which i really like. it gives me time to actually be productive read blogs and twitter. i eat something during this time too, usually pretzels or crackers and hummus. 

12:15 - lunch is always some variation of salad, fruit, yogurt and popchips. especially now that i'm not home til later, i am saving leftovers for dinner meals instead of packing them for lunch.

3:15 - change and head over to the track. we practice at our brother school's track since we don't have one and the girls ride the bus to get there but i drive myself. as usual, i'm chugging water while i drive and i have been snacking on a banana on my way over (i need to join costco so i can buy bananas in bulk i guess). obviously i'm not getting an intense workout because i'm not an athlete on the team, but coaching is much more than standing around watching. geez, my perceptions were whack. kidding - i've always known it would be hard, i just had no idea how much we'd actually be doing. my legs are SORE. i've definitely been taking it much easier this week since the marathon is sunday (WTF?!?!) and the last thing i need is sore quads. sorry team, i'll be back doing wall sits with you next week. or not. 

6:15 - drive home from track and try to make myself workout. as i said before, this isn't going that well, but i'm trying. i eat a snack on the way home because i'm pretty starving at this point. 

7:15 - 8:30 - depending on my motivation to hit the gym, i get home at varying times. i've been trying to make a lot of casseroles and i've got plans to try our new crock pot (wedding shower gift - YES!) more in the coming weeks so that i don't have to cook something extensive when i get home. it's been working so far but the best plan is that tex is going to try to learn to cook some meals and he'll have dinner waiting for me once basketball is over. HAH. he's going to be my househusband and it's going to be awesome. until then - leftover ziti and easy stir fry has been a favorite. i also take about 20 minutes to shower, pack lunch and snacks for the next day and pack my track clothes/gym bag. this is tough for me to adjust to - i'm used to eating dinner at the LATEST around 7. last night i ate at 9:30. not a fan.

we are watching justified right now so i usually make it through about 2/3 of an episode before i fall asleep on the couch, get up to brush my teeth and fall into bed around 9:15. like a lot of you all, i love being busy but it's definitely hard on my body. i'm really relishing my weekends at this point - once track meets start in mid-february i'm going to become the world's biggest fan of sundays :)

that's the usual routine. i was so nervous about track but i've already discovered that it's definitely a lot more fun than i thought it would be and it's not an area of stress - rather something i look forward to everyday, which is absolutely great.



  1. Wow you are busy!! I can't imagine your schedule! I do know how hard it is to get in training runs when the last thing you want to do is run. I am excited for your marathon on Sunday! I'm sure it will be a big relief next week when you don't have to make sure the runs are fit in after practice. 9:30 is so late for dinner! Haha

  2. Mmm yeah, you made me exhausted just reading this haha, but I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying coaching AND that your marathon is this weekend, so then you can take a bit of a break! Keep working on Tex to learn to cook, too...coming home after a long day to find dinner waiting is a dream ;)

  3. Dang, girl. I don't know how you do it! I imagine getting this marathon taken care of on Sunday will at least take a little bit of a load off. Good luck at the race! You're gonna do great!

  4. Props on your schedule! I never know how my mom controls her classroom or coaches organize their students. I was always a pushover babysitter or a strict-no fun babysitter so it's hard to find a middle ground.

    Good luck in the race!

  5. Good for you, chica. My schedule was similar through college. It's great that you still make time to workout and eat so well all things considered! Some folks can't hack it. Be proud you can. :D

  6. I already was in awe of your day from teaching and now I'm even more impressed. But, even though it's busy, it sounds so YOU-- I love it.

    also, duh, GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! you are going to rock it out.

  7. The one good thing about being home from work sick is that I get to catch up on your blog wahoo! And laugh at the idea of you turning into a primate due to increased banana intake. I eat A LOT of bananas and they're actually one of the only thing my stomach is holding to right now- so I feel you. We can be monkeys together.

  8. I love the variety in your lunch. Those are my fave kinds of lunches/meals...a few different things, a bit of each.