Thursday, January 30, 2014

thinking out loud

this should probably be a treat yourself tuesday post because i have been treating myself left and right lately. unfortunately on tuesday we had a snow day and for some reason when i am given endless hours to be productive, i invariably am completely unproductive and so i didn't manage to get any type of blog posting (or reading) done on my day off. 

instead, i'm going to link up with amanda for one of my favorite link-ups i've never joined in on. i love when people ramble on aimlessly in blog posts, so thursdays are some of my favorite blog reading days.

i got my wedding shoes in the mail the other day! despite how the box looks, they were perfectly intact. phew. in all honesty, i have no desire to do a lot of blogging about my wedding on here mostly because while i'm fine putting my own personal details out there for anyone to read, my wedding does involve another player who might not want all his business splashed all over. suffice it to say, we are coming along splendidly with wedding planning and i am getting really excited for the day to finally just get here already. 

speaking of splashing this guy on the internet...i love him a lot. that's about all. he's my favorite. 

i finally bit the bullet and got some vanilla beans to make my own extract! i'm so excited for this. i hope it works. i really feel like it's impossible to screw up...pour some vodka in a bottle, put in some sliced vanilla beans, shake 'em around every week or so and voila - vanilla extract in two months! lots of extracts add some simple syrup and i'm debating adding a little because i do tend to like things on the sweeter side, but i think for my first batch i'll keep it pure and simple. 

one of the best parts about living in texas is having access to all your favorite texas country singers in very small venues. we went to a concert last weekend and i was legitimately inches from brandon rhyder, who is the best. i tend to not like nashville country very much (omg such a snob, i know) and the more texas country i listen to, the truer that gets. anyway, i might have been close enough to take a shot with him. and also to ask him to play at tex and my wedding. oops. it was a really great night. 

i have been craving turkey wraps like crazy lately. i go through serious food cravings that some might call ruts (hello - i'm looking at you lunch) but they're usually relatively balanced so i roll with them. this wrap was inspired by heather who was talking about making buffalo wraps the other day. i made this with turkey, muenster, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, spinach and diced up celery. i think the celery really made the wrap, personally. sidenote: i had an old co-worker in chicago who used to call muenster the king of the melting cheeses and now every time i use it i have to dramatically proclaim that i am using the KING OF THE MELTING CHEESE whenever i slap it onto a wrap. tex things i'm an insane person. i probably am. 

there's probably a reason i shouldn't share all of the things rolling around in my head. oh well. 



  1. Hahahahaha I love when you post, girl. Always make me laugh :) And now you have me craving a wrap, so I'll be purchasing some at the store this weekend. Slightly jealous of your country singer shot though! All the cool stuff happens in Texas (or at least not in Pittsburgh) :( What will he be performing at the big day?

  2. I had no clue meunster was the king of melting cheeses but now I want to test it out! That bashed-up box caused me some concern but I'm glad to hear your shoes arrived intact. Super jealous of your access to intimate country concerts! I adore country music though I have to admit I tend to listen to more Nashville country. And I love the show Nashville! :)

  3. Hahahaha that muenster cheese part made this entire post. Gouda's also pretty baller as a melting cheese, as I discovered a few months ago when I had some leftover gouda and was like, "I should make a grilled cheese with this!" and then I did and OHEMGEE, it was probably the best grilled cheese of my entire life. Put some sliced up apples in that business, too -- heaven. Do it.

    You'll be totally fine making your vanilla extract that way, and it'll last you forever. My cousin was in the peace corps in Madagascar for two years, and when people in my family went to visit him they came back with a lot of vanilla beans, because obviously Madagascar vanilla beans are much cheaper to buy in Madagascar itself. Anyway, I made vanilla extract using that exact same method in like...December 2011. I still have that vanilla extract. And I bake A LOT. And use vanilla a lot in general. And apparently all you have to do to make more is top it off with vodka and let it chill for awhile, and you'll have more. Plus when it gets low sometimes you end up with little vanilla beany bits in your extract, which makes things look fancy.

  4. The same.exact.thing happens to me when I have too much free time. I feel like I can finally get a tonne of things done, but somehow I end up way less productive than when I'm super busy. I think I just get lazy lol. I think I Just work well under pressure… or at least that's what I tell myself when I procrastinate like crazy and end up super stressed out O.o

  5. Isn't getting shoes in the mail simply the best? There's no greater joy :). I love that you're making your own extract -- I can't wait to see how it turns out.