Thursday, December 19, 2013

be gone, sickness.

i've always wanted to copy-cat allison and do a post where i use just one or two words to describe a picture but every time i set out to do that i realize i am too wordy to limit myself to just two words. or three. or even like 84, so instead i'll just have my own little talkative thursday post where i tell you way more than you wanted to know about whatever pictures i feel like sharing. 

i've been sick this week. thank you all for your well-wishes on instagram - i think they helped. after my long run on sunday and cooking all day long (as well as several glasses of wine with dinner) i think my body was a bit overworked and when monday rolled around i woke up feeling like crap. i went to school, proctored some midterms, gave my own midterm and then called it a day and went home sick for the afternoon. i had some spaghetti squash and marinara for lunch and then decided i needed the most comforting food known to man - an english muffin toasted with butter. and then a series of naps. i'm feeling about 85% right now. my mom told me under no circumstances am i to come home sick so i'd better knock it out by tomorrow. 

we had a lot of leftover beef tenderloin after sunday's feast. i knew i'd have to contend with the fact that tex doesn't love leftovers, so re-purposing the meat was the only option. beef tenderloin basically cannot be messed up so i sliced it up, threw it in a pan with a random mix of seasonings and caramelized peppers and onions to make steak fajitas. tex said it wasn't like having leftovers at all and none of the meat went to waste so i'd say this was a win win. 

interesting fact about middle-school students: when they give you christmas presents, it is almost always some variation on a body wash/lotion theme. if it's not flowery smelling gels, it's probably a stuffed animal. high schooler's step up that game in a big way. these macarons were one of the many gifts i've gotten from my girls this week and (not to play favorites) they were by far the best. i love vanilla bean and the peppermint were a nice surprise too, since i was expecting strawberry. 

the day i get tired of these mix-ins in a salad is the day hell has frozen over. plus they're almost christmas colored, right? when i prep my lunch the night before i toss these in the bottom of my bowl, chop spinach and fill the bowl, and then toss it with dressing at lunch the next day. never soggy, always amazing. 

speaking of fun gifts and treats - allison sent me a christmas care package with some love from the good bean! i've never tried these before so i immediately broke into one of the bags to sample and i'm thinking the only thing that might make the above salad better is using the smoky chili & lime chickpeas in place of the black beans. i'll let you know how that goes. 

t-minus 36 hours until i'm home! i think there's a bit more snow there by now, but i'm looking forward to it. i just made my packing list and to no one's surprise, my running gear section is about 3 times as long as any other section of the list. i'm not ready for the sub-freezing temperatures, especially since our high in houston today is 74*. wish me luck. 

hope you all are getting ready for a nice christmas break! 



  1. Oh man, being sick is no fun :( Glad you're feeling 85% -- hopefully that improves to 100% (or at least 95%) by tomorrow! Nice work with the fajitas (they look amaaaaaaazing!), and I've decided to quit my job and become a high school math teacher in Houston based entirely on those macarons.

  2. Aw hun I'm sorry you've been sick :( better to get it out now, though, before you head home, so you can fully enjoy your holiday with your family!! I'm excited that you get so much time with them :) I need to slip a picture of those macaroons into Big Kid's hand to give to his parents for my Christmas gift ;) Although the last time we went to the macaroon place up the block from their house, Big Kid started taking apart their macaroon trees because he didn't realize they were decoration...that was fun.